1LIFE 1YOU Online Training


You don’t have to figure out how to get healthy and get in shape on your own!

We are launching the new 1Life 1You Fitness Online Training App!

Custom workouts sent directly to your phone/tablet/computer. Programs built for your goals.


Don’t have a gym membership? No problem. This is for you.

Have a gym membership but don’t know what to do? This is for you.

Have access to equipment or space to workout, but can’t hold yourself accountable? This is for you.

Let’s go over the fitness program:

Exclusive training programs built to fit your goals, abilities, access to equipment, or no equipment.

An easier way to track your fitness progress

An easier way to monitor your body changes (weight, bodyfat, measurements)

An easier way to track progress photos

Ability to check-in with your coach for consistent accountability

Knowing that someone is monitoring your gym progress.

Workouts sent directly to you

The ability to adjust, change days, or add your own workouts to your calendar with ease.

The ability to send photos and videos to your coach to check on your form for movements.


Other benefits of online coaching with 1Life 1You:

You’ll always have someone monitoring your progress.

Cheering you on.

Giving you the motivation and the push to go workout.

These intangibles are things you don’t always have when you go at this health/fitness journey by yourself. I know first hand it can be rough. It can get frustrating. It can seem like progress isn’t being made.

It’s why I’m here to help. To guide you to be better. To trust in the work you’re doing. And to just overall be here for you.

You can simply sign into the coaching app and follow the workout that has been customized for your goals.

And you interact with your coach who is checking in on you, rooting for you to succeed, and picking you up when you’re feeling down.

It seems silly, but just knowing that somebody is actively cheering you on can be enough to make habits start to stick.

A closer look at ok at the coaching app:


Do I need a gym membership?

No! It’s cool if you have one. It’s cool if you don’t. There is a fitness program built for whatever you have access to

I have a previous injury. Is that a problem?

As long as you have permission to workout, we can definitely work around any injury you have.

How often will I have to workout? I get really busy and don’t always have the time…

The programs are built off of different schedules. But, the great part of the app is you have the ability to reschedule workouts for whenever it works for you!

2 Ways To Use:

1) All Access:

Have access to every workout program we offer (over 50+ workouts).

Available right on your phone. Whatever your goal is. Weight loss, fat loss, muscle building, toning up, want to hit the gym, or workout from home, do circuits, or focus on specific areas. There is a program and workout for you!

Click below to get ALL ACCESS for just $14.99/month

2) Select a specific program that matches your goals/needs/time. Home to gym. Bodyweight only to full equipment. Beginners to advanced. Fat loss to muscle gain. There is a workout program for you!

Click on each photo below to get more info on each individual program: